H. M. Rahat-Bin-Islam

Rahat Bin Islam is studying Islamic sciences (علوم الدين) in Mahad Al-Boyuth Al-Islamiyah, Al-Azhar University, Egypt – معاهد البعوث الإسلامية بجامعة الازهر along with working as program director as well as Arabic language instructor in Institute of Islamic Research & Teaching (www.iirt.info).

He is the founder and CEO of ILMMY (www.ilmmy.com), an online learning platform which offers Islamic courses, arranges webinars on various Islamic sciences aiming to make authentic teachings of Quran & Sunnah accessible to everyone.

He had completed his first graduation in business administration (BBA) from the business school of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Beside this, he studied Arabic as a language in various programs in Islamic Online University, Bayyinah Institute and University of Dhaka.


Mahad Al-Boyuth Al-Islamiyah, Al-Azhar University

University of Dhaka